Social Media Marketing(SMM)

Social Media is Now part of every individual’s life and Plays a major role in it. Nowadays People are considering on the platform for all Purposes which empowers social media to its highest Potential. Social Media is one of the most Important Parts of Online Marketing or you can Say Digital Marketing Earlier around a decade […]

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What is SEO and How it works?

We all know the importance of Digital Media in this Generation. For earlier Generation of my dad and Grandfather times having a black and white screen tv was a very big deal. but now everyone is focusing on Internet because the time of tv is Gone. You can watch whatever you want, Media of your […]

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You can Improve your Digital Marketing Skills by improving Different Segments of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is categorized in following segments:- 1. Google Analytics 2. Google Adwords (PPC) 3. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) 4. Search Engine Marketing(SEM) 5. Social Media Marketing(SMM) 6. Affiliate Marketing 7. Lead Generation And Growth Hacking. Google Analytics:- Google Analytics is an […]